Velocitoro is a web site creation tool, that lets you create templates, and macros (Velocity combined with Groovy) and compiles the templates to the final web pages. This way HTML structures that appear on many pages need to be maintained in a single file and the other files can include them.

To create a web site this way you create the html files that may contain velocity macros. You also create macro files, which contain only macros. You can reference macro files from the html files. You can also use images and other files in your source.

When Velocitoro runs it will first copy all the files from your source directory to the target directory recursively except the files that have the extension .vm and .vmi (for explanation see them later).

After all files copied Velocitoro starts to process all source files from your source directory that has a shadow file with the extension .vm and the result of the processing will be written into the target directory eventually overwriting the copied file.

For example the file index.html will be processed by Velocitory only if there is another file named index.html.vm. The file index.html.vm is the shadow file and its content is ignored. Shadow files usually have length zero.

The files that have the extension .vmi serve as marcos and page fragments that are included by other pages.

.vm extension stands for Velocity Macro and the extention .vmi stands for Velocity Macro Include.

For further reading visit the following documentation pages:

Versions of Velocitoro

Velocitoro is available as a command line tool, and as a maven plugin. We plan to deliver a version as an ANT task.